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GillTeq components are Made in the USA!

Automation improves safety, reduces Maintenance costs, and optimizes operations!


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Oil and gas industry

GillTeq automated cleaning systems benefit any liquid processing industry by mitigating dangers from falls and biological exposure.

GillTeq automated cleaning systems

Algae, Grease, Debris, Scum, Foam, Sludge, and other materials can accumulate, diminishing equipment function and requiring regular cleaning maintenance that is both time consuming and hazardous. Automated Cleaning and Control Systems can address the collection areas of the unwanted material with the use of water. These debris control methods use less water and energy, require less maintenance time, and do not use chemicals.

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WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems (ACS) removes Algae, Grease, Debris, Scum, Foam, Sludge, and other materials from clarifier weirs and troughs.

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Eco-Blaster, Biological Control Systems (BCS) is used to control foam and material on tanks and clean screens and belt presses to name a few applications.

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Weir Rover

Weir Rover cleans "Chain & Flight" clarifiers or any other straight trough arrangements.

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Belt Blaster

Belt Blaster is for Belt/fabric gravity and press thickening machines.

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Stainless Weirs

Baffled weirs serve to reduce, or eliminate surface turbulence and surges.

If something needs to be cleaned with a hose, GillTeq can automate it!

Industry Experiences with GillTeq Automated Cleaning Systems

Weir Shield Schematic
Weir Shield Schematic